8 of My Favorite Business & Self-Improvement Books

I originally wrote this article on LinkedIn in December 2017

One thing that has helped me improve in my personal life and at work, is reading. Both books and the 100s of blogs & articles out there. Now, I am no Bill Gates (50 books a year = 1 book every week).

I always coach my team, in particular budding product managers, to keep reading about business, building startups, sales, marketing, presentation skills, and so on.

Here are some of my super high, must-read recommendations on books:

There are so many others, but this is a great starting list. I know I am missing many good ones like Lean Startup, Blink, Outliers, Thinkings Fast & Slow, etc. I also forget the name of the book I read on presentation skills early on (it was one of those inspired by Steve Jobs presentation style).

What are your favorite, must-read business books? Please post in comments below.

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