10 Book Recommendations For Adults…
James Altucher

Hello Sir,

I wrote my first blog post on Medium today. It’s a small introductory post about myself and why I’ve decided to blog.

I can see you have a great following here. Can I interest you in a deal?

(As you don’t like to promote your own book. I hate doing this even more. And I’ve nothing to offer here, except my ability to read). As a sincere reader, I offer to read your book, “Reinvent Yourself”, if you could only take out two minutes to read my post.

I hope you don’t find this disrespectful. It’s kiddish of me to be making such an offer. Or having the audacity to call it an offer. But could you please accept it and let me have the satisfaction of being able to sell you an idea?

PS : Thank you for the book recommendations. I’ve read a few of them and I would love to go through the others.

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