I am dead

Works from the young and talented Igor Dobrowolski out of Poland.

Everything started falling away, even myself. I was no longer inside or outside. It felt like a brief moment of not existing. There was nothing but silence and peace. A peace that was greater than any other i had felt in my entire life. I never experienced nothingness as so full and lively. This statement is a paradox and so is life. It will keep being a paradox until you come out of the delusion that there is a world out there.

The truth is that there is no world out there, you are the creator of it all. Everything is inside out and you are the source of everything. If you really think about it, there is only the knowing of everything. First comes the knowing, only then comes everything else. All the concepts, names, ideas, theories come later but awareness is the foremost.

The reason we are caught up in this dream is because our attention is dragged by the knowledge of things rather than the knowing itself. If we can shift our attention back to the knowing/awareness, peace, love ad joy will flow in our lives. The way to shift our attention inwards is through looking in and peeling the layers of delusion one by one.

Lets wake up and make a world full of love, joy and bliss where we can all live interdependently. Not only us humans but animals, plants and everything alive. When you realize that all of life running through living being is you, a joy never before experienced will emerge naturally.

Here’s a video that confirms science realizing that we are not who we think we are as a body. Not only that this scientist show you how your mind can be making you believe in an illusion.


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