Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. Gustav Flaubert

Annapurna Region

Tony Robbins says that we are nothing but a bunch of patterns that eat, breath, speak, see, touch and feel the same things differently. Each one of us perceives situations, events and people once in the outside and then processes it to make a meaning out of it.

Just imagine if you were born in a different country with different parents and had different friends, who would you be? We become so much accustomed to our beliefs that the world shrinks down to a limited version of our world.

Travelling is an opportunity to astound the mind, make it curious and enjoy what the new land has to offer. Travelling has both befits for our mind as well as our bodies. One of the benefit includes being exposed to new bacteria's that leads your bodies to create antibodies which make the body stronger.

Among many places in the world, Nepal has been ranked very highly by Travel sites like Trip advisor’s travelers choice(eighteenth in Asia and second in South asia).Lonely Planet ranks Nepal fifteenth in the list of Must visit Travel Destination in Asia whereas for meeting other travelers lonely planet’s Travelers Choice ranked Nepal third.

Why does Nepal rank so high despite being a small land locked country in South east Asia. Here is why:

  • The two main attractions fill Nepal up with tourists every year( Mt Everest and Lumbini: the birth place of buddha)
  • The country offers a bevy of cultural diversity, religious and spiritual experiences.
  • There are many trekking regions to explore including Everest Base Camp and the famous Annapurna Region.
  • The hospitality, humility to serve tourists in Nepal is popular all over the world.
  • Home stays gives one an experience of rediscovering yourself as a new individual.
  • The food in Nepal is very authentic and packed with flavors which is absolutely adored by tourists.
  • Rare species like Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep and Golden Eagle can be seen along with the majestic Yaks during the trek.

A part of Nepal is considered to be a consecrated space with shrines at different points to form a spiritual body. Just like the food we eat converts in to our bones and blood, in the same way the same energy that helps convert food into our bodies is preserved as an energy body in Nepal. It is impossible to escape Spirituality in Nepal especially Kathmandu(the city of temples). The mountains have special healing energies with them which ere preserved by the sages and monk who meditated in the Himalayas.