Big Tragedy: Rahul looses his parents

He had it all, loving family, a nice house, best toys and the opportunity to go to the finest school in the city. However, it was not to stay forever.

At the fateful day of Holi, a major festival of colors celebrated in India, he lost both of his parents. Where it happened and exactly how it happened, nobody knows for sure. Some people were murmuring an accident, others were silent.

Some relatives told him that his parents are in a hospital, still the ever optimistic kid remained joyful — a pre-adolescent, still busy playing with his friends and relatives, not knowing that this colorful day had painted his life red.

The very next day loads of people came in pouring at his uncle’s home. Luckily, his parents left him there. Dazed and confused, he saw several of them wailing and in deep anguish. There was a deep unnerving silence and moaning in the atmosphere. However, the joyful kid kept to himself, playing games with his cousins.

He was soon ushered in a car. He repeatedly asked his elders that where he was being taken, however, no one was ready to answer. Confused still, he kept on asking himself if everything is alright? He soon discarded his worries and instead focussed on enjoying the ride as the car crazily swept through Delhi’s chaotic traffic making its way to his parent’s crematory site.

The car arrived at the crematory site. The entire site was dotted with several orange-yellow pyres, some of them burning, covering the air with black smoke and some of them laying naked, waiting for their turn. Circumventing those pyres were some bare-chested traditional Indian clothing — dhoti wearing men. Along with some priests, they chanted the Hindu rituals of death with some onlookers standing nearby with tears trickling down their cheekbones. It was indeed a sombre atmosphere.

Still somewhat dazed, the child wandered around as he playfully met his brother and grandmother. His grandmother tearfully broke the terrible news to him. Reeling down in tears, his sibling tried to soothe his pain.

He finally saw the dead bodies of his parents. Laying side by side, they were draped in sheets pure white in color. The color reminded him of the white milk, his mother lovingly served him, just two days before.

In shock and awe, his old myth was broken that nothing bad will ever come to him.

Now, it was his parents turn for cremation. A relative was holding him very tightly, as if to protect the young child from making a dash towards his beloved parents, however his eyes were just fixated on their faces.

As his moist eyes wandered from his parent’s faces, he saw similar priests and some strangers covering their bodies with wooden pieces. Another stranger generously sprinkled kerosene on their pyres.

Somebody lit a fire. Slowly & steadily, that small yellow-orange flicker got converted into a huge red ball of fire engulfing their entire bodies.

As his dear parents vanished into that fire, he saw a thick black smoke rise up in the atmosphere. As the black soot settled, the young child was quickly escorted back to his uncle’s home.

Rahul’s unusual journey as an orphan has just begun.