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@Bulawaa is new invite app

Little over few months ago I shared here my experiences about 2016. What a learning curve it was, the technology stack, hiring, email communication, negotiating, branding, etc. which finally resulted into this wonderful app. that gave birth to new way of invitation.

I cannot be more proud to announce that today we are making bulawaa public

Feeling blessed is a thought you should always keep at the top of your mind in your daily life, which does the job of keeping individual on a ground. This should not make you lazy or take things for granted.

Year 2016 was such an incredible year to learn so many things about Technology, hiring, email communication, negotiating, economical loss in trail and error, brand ethics, time management and most importantly fitness.

One said it right “ Try hard until you get it right !”


Due to work profession I have had chance to understand technology and learn to explore…

Recently designing has been my very much interest. Designing websites, especially with html 5 and css 3, gives much more meaning to effects and animation! Also, minimal design can be a simpler and cleaner method for representing your thoughts.

Being an IT guy, I decided to design and develop a website to help my family business from a marketing perspective and also gaining customer trust. My aim was to actually learn design concepts and make it live in practical. So this is what I came up with.

Home Page :

Its simple but more informative. Its direct but tells you what you…


Today every software serving industry either is already on cloud infrastructure or looking to adopt. Which I believe is v. good move. Since you pay for what you use. I was keen to know about the present and future of the cloud where’s it headed. Here’s my research and few thoughts on growth.


Almost everybody thinks cloud computing is new concept where as truth is the idea was actually created in the 1960’s. A man called Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider or J.C.R. was one of America’s leading computer scientists. …

JUNE 16, 2015

A lot is happening over Ionic Framework. Ionic is UI framework where its super easy to configure and create your custom UI for creating mobile app. Creating UI is not just enough when we have to read and write dynamic data from and to Database respectively.

Ionic does not come with any server side framework, but it has the capability to push the data from UI directly to database when used with any js adaptors like firebase. This breaks the MVC design pattern. …

APRIL 30, 2015

Ionic is one of the most popular Hybrid UI Framework today to build mobile apps using your fav. web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, SASS and AngularJS. Ionic was first introduced in 2013 lead by Max Lynch and these are making great progress in terms of bridging the gap between different mobile platforms.

So whats the architecture looks like.

Ionic is build on AngularJs (a Javascript framework which enhances the vocabulary of HTML) so I will mention like Ionic / Angular in rest of the briefing. The outer square indicates its wraped around node js so its…

MARCH 5, 2015

My passion continues to work on creating minimal design themes for ghost. CodeBlue was the first theme that I created before codeIonic but codeIonic was the first that I released to the public. Somehow I felt more interesting to make CodeIonic theme to release first. Even Steve Jobs started working on iPad first but later he ended up working on iPhone and it was first released to the public :). Ghost being simple to create theme where you should have atleast good understanding of css and html 5. This time I wanted to create SVBTLE based theme…

MARCH 18, 2015

HTML 5 has given many new features to the web such as new input types, new elements, new attribute syntax and the list is endless. One of the feature that I wanted to share with you is Web storage. For a sec lets step back thinking if we would have to store the data on client side browser, what are the possible ways to do it?

Web Storage :

With Web storage, applications can store data in the clients browsers. …

MARCH 18, 2015

Warning — this little post is very easy to understand and assumes that you know about JavaScript and jQuery.

In my recent tasks I got chance to work on JQuery UI modal and had to control the behaviour of close — [x] button of dialog box located on right top corner. You might be wondering why I want to do this since the jQuery will itself close the dialog when you click on that. The purpose is simple, to make dialog behave as per my wish whenever I click the close button.

I had simple test case…

MARCH 17, 2015

I am always found of great design and one of my passion was to create themes. So I thought lets build one and find the platform which can give control over theme pages where I can customize it as per my wish. I really like minimal, simple and beautiful design. Thanks to all the great designers in the world who thought about it.

After looking at different options like wordpress, ghost, svbtle and many different blogs I found ghost the best place because I wanted simple, latest in technology which would help me learning and take full…

Sumit Jaju

Software engineer, Explorer, Tech Savvy, Dad, Design Freak.

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