Me too moment

In the patriarchal society, allegations against men in power are frequently not taken seriously by the authorities and, if they make it to court, intimidation of victims and coercion of witnesses is commonplace.
But actress Tanushree Dutta has brought the #Me-too movement to India after accusing her award-winning co-star Nana Patekar of sexual harassment on a film set 10 years ago.
At the time, she left the set of Horn Ok Pleases and made an official complaint, but nothing happened until now in the wake of the #Me-too movement. Patekar denies the charges.
It has taken a while but the movement is gaining traction in India, with actresses and politicians giving their support to those who speak out.
Ever since Tanushree Dutta, in an interview, alleged that Nana Patekar misbehaved with her while filming a special song for Horn Ok Pleases in 2008.
Since Dutta spoke out, other actresses have subsequently come forward to open up about their experiences in the industry.
But what about poor and illiterate people who doesn’t use any hashtag or videos to rise their voice ,all they are left is with loads of courage to face the public. Many of the womens have drawn strength more than a quarter century long struggle after the flooding allegations of sexual harassment by famous personalities.
Eventually this has led to backward class women come forward and share their stories of horror to the media and public ,because a women from a backward classes are rare that they rise to prominence to even report any such voilence faced by them.

When rich and powerful womens are abused they call it as me too moment ,but what example do they set for ordinary womens. Rape is always a rape whether dey have faced by Rich class or poor backward classes.
The unfortunate series of accusations include women being sent lewd pictures, texts and videos along with invitation by powerful men to indulge sexually without consent.

What is misleading is that people say metoo moment in urban elite thing that must reach the poor. It is actually the other way around. Urban elites always use hashtags. But the rape victims from poor families are still fighting their battles of voilence.

This moment has broke the silence of many such grieving womens, who has compromised with the situations years ago.
The Importance Of Listening has been followed
If a woman feels that she has been violated in any way, it is because she has been.

Patriarchy is about power and its many manifestations and, therefore, the current issues has doubled allegations on many biggies. Fact that this moment should be a support to all communities across the world who are still victimized to such voilence.

We are still traumatized by the rapes cases of young girls from age 5 to 12 who are unaware of the prominence of such moments but the effects remain the same to every age group irrespective of the class,fame age and caste.

But this moment has not been unevenly distributed worldwide were there are still victims who have crossed a decade fighting such cases of horror.

We still have a hope in future ahead were the womens are no more silent
There was a time when women kept quiet about sexual harassment in the workplace because they were made to believe that they have to deal with it and that it is not as serious, There has been a drastic change in the perception of the people were women has no more fear of facing public and media to unmask the predators who are invitable to such voilence.