The global hunger crisis

In the midst of all economic and political conflicts you see each day you have probably heard about hunger crisis globally. Millions of people are experiencing unprecedented food shortages and famine. This means people are starving to death.

A data from the international food policy and research has revealed grieving details of the countries which are seriously affected by wasting. The report has claimed such countries as very serious and has to be treated soon.

When we think of hunger, we imagine the children with distended bellies we saw in photographs from Ethiopia. The magnitude of the problem is missed by most of us and they blissfully are unaware of the stark socio economic realities. Suppressing the fact of malneutrtion is not a solution and many of us has lack of wisdom and for sight the advert of crisis such as food shortages.

Instead we here are busy attacking trollers and participate in debates in social media ,irrespective if the youth discussed with an objective to scrap all the problems and raise the voice against the poverty and hunger we would have become a modern progressive nation.

Extend of hunger is more evident in the children and lack of nutrition at this growing stage cause malnutrition which is affecting their intellect giving rise to number of diseases.Lack of access to food, no access to drinking water, lack of sanitation facilities and gender inequity – these all contribute to child malnutrition, which again stems from hunger and poverty."

However the lack of knowledge and awareness is the reason for shaping such crisis.we are Living in the delusion development and building social economic structure and making our country into a super power. We need to nourish our public disclosures and intellect if we have any chances of being a modern nation.

By Sumitra Nair Lawyer and blogger