Game Tester Jobs at Home. How You Can Earn $120 An Hour Or More… By Playing Video Games!

Sumit Singh
Dec 12, 2019 · 6 min read

When it comes to working from home, there can’t be many jobs more enjoyable than getting paid to test video games!. Now find Game Tester Jobs at Home. Click on Below to become a game tester.

Become A Game Tester Today!

Are you sick and tired of running around in circles… are you frustrated because you haven’t found the right answers to online success for yourself? If you are suffering any of these situations then I have to tell you something very *important*…

Hey I’m not kidding… There was a time when I too was frustrated… I used to work for long hours just to make ends meet. I hated the idea of getting up early only to get stuck in traffic, bosses ordering me what to do, and wasting my whole day in the office.

how to get a job as a game tester
how to get a job as a game tester
Game Tester Job

Then I step into online business and tried all kinds of those ‘so called’ moneymaking systems, but they just never seemed to work. People were making money by getting me to do what they do. I invested my hard-earned money and in return I didn’t even get the resources to get me off the ground. Everything turned to be scam…

Finally, after countless hours and thousands of dollars of research I discovered a very easy and fail proof method to reach financial freedom. I do make money every single day…in fact every hour. No kidding! I have discovered such an easy method that allows me to have all that I wished for in my long hour jobs but never actually got any.

Now I’m here To Share My Path to Success and Information with You!

Before I reveal my fool-proof, super-easy money making method, let me ask you a question: Would you like to make $120.00 per hour just to play and test video games? Then you might find game tester jobs at home.

Become A Game Tester Today!

Isn’t its great?

If you are on this page it clearly shows you have a passion for video games. And I strongly believe that if passion turns into profession the resultant is *unlimited income*. So, I advice you to:

Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

And that’s what I did myself.

You know… over 200 game companies are willing to pay you just to test their games. These companies want you to be a game tester and give them your advice on their developed games and in return they will pay you handsome sum of money. I’m a living example of it.

“Hey… I Can’t Get Why Would Companies Pay Me To Test Games?”

It would be right if I say this is an era of Internet and Video Games. Today the game industry is over a $60 billion business. The companies that release their produced games with bugs in them will cause them a loss of millions of dollars. And no good company will ever want that. So, they think it a good idea to pay hundreds of dollars to gamers just to point out the glitches in their games. So they can release bug-free games and customers will not return their games. They will have video game tester job description.

Okay… imagine this. You are a gamer and you buy a new video game that crashes every time your character shoots the enemy. It is obvious that you will not like the game and will never recommend it to anyone else.

This will be a serious setback for the game company which had invested millions of dollars in the development of the game. And when no one buy their games due to the bad word-of-mouth advertising… the result is obvious: they will lose millions!

“Then… What Are There Programmers For?”

Well, programmers are not gamers. So they cannot find the bugs that a video-game tester will. If a company is paying you $50 an hour just to test video games for them that would otherwise ruin the game experience and quite possibly hurt their sales. Then what’s wrong in it? Isn’t it a good deal?

5 Good Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is An Extremely Easy Way To Earn Money!

  1. No Pre-Requisite

No formal education is required to be a video game tester.

2. $120 Per Hour

You can earn $10 — $120 an hour being a video game tester.

3. Get the Games for FREE

You keep the games you test without paying a dime.

4. video game system

You only need one video game system to become a video game tester.

5. Work on Your Will

You can choose your work hours.

Benefits You’ll Get As A Video Game Tester

  1. Play Video Games
  2. Get Paid to Play Video Games
  3. Play the Unreleased Versions of Games
  4. Keep Free copies of Video Games (worth thousands of dollars)
  5. You’ll get access to tricky codes, level secrets, and many other bugs that only game testers can know about.
  6. You’ll gain practical life experience working and learn about the development, marketing, manufacturing, customer service, and testing phases of each video game.
  7. Be Your Boss.
  8. Work From Home.
  9. You can turn your dreams into reality.

How to Become a Video Game Tester?

What is a video game tester? How to become a video game tester? Let me start by giving a brief history of video game testing. In the early days of Computer game development, the games were much simpler in scope, usually about 2 testers are used for simple games and the programmers were able to do all the testing and bug finding. With the acceleration and rapid increase of computer hardware power, modern video and computer games are a much more complex software and design. Larger and wider variety of video game testers are needed to ensure success of the video game. If there is a glitch in the game after it is released commercially, the company would stand to lose big bucks. Therefore, through testing and quality control before release is of tantamount important.

What does the video game tester actually do and do I need a degree to do it? In a nutshell, the video game tester is usually hired or get involved in the development cycle at half to 75% stage. The role of the video game tester is primarily to analyze video or computer games to find software defects, commonly called bugs. To be a good video game tester, you need to have attention to details, good at communicating your finding to the developers and able to play the same game over and over in a certain period of time, in return, you can expect to get paid. The pay level depends on your experience. You do not have to have a degree to be a good video game tester, a lot of people became a video game tester while holding another job or still at school.

How to become a video game tester? Not many of these kinds of jobs are advertised in or Therefore searching in those sites is usually not productive. If you know a game developer, then it is usually a good connection to get involved as a game tester for the game that developer is developing. In addition, the developer could potentially introduce you to other game developers. Another way to find a job as a video game tester is to actually go to the websites of game developing companies and search for job listings in their website, there are many game company out there, you can spend a lot of time just to find them though. Or you can get to a site that has already done that research for you, with a database of jobs as video game tester, become a member of that site, directly go to the website member’s area and apply for those jobs.

This is meant to give you an introduction to a potentially very lucrative job. If you are a gamer, you are already spending time playing games, it is a very good way to make some money while having fun. Visiting here to Get More Information and start making money playing game

Game Tester Jobs at Home

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