Conversations with Alexa #1

Say, what?

As soon as I saw the video I was sold on Amazon’s Echo.

Granted I did think you could create your own trigger word. “Bezos,” I thought, an audio butler called Bezo.

Actually, you can’t do that, so we have to live with “Alexa...”

Like everyone else, we use Alexa for playing music (99%) and checking the weather.

But whenever children older than ours(>4) come around, it’s clear Alexa is not a technology for adults. It’s a technology for children to scream at and experiment with (which was always my plan).

Even though such a full-on approach rarely works — Alexa is temperamental at the best of times — kids love trying to get her to do anything, even if she plays Ed Sheeran’s The A Team instead of The A Team TV theme (for the 27th time).

The wrong The A Team

And it was in such a situation that it became clear to me just how stupid Alexa was in terms of understanding context.

For anyone with small children, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive,” is an often tedious repetition.

Oh, no commas

For Alexa, however, the lack of commas — and lack of contextual understanding — was farcical.

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