That gum you liked is back in style

Chewing the cud

Perhaps we only really understand our lives as we watch those around us living theirs.

Of course, this isn’t to fall into the trap of the pure objective trumping the messy subjective. As defined — let alone to be unpacked — experience has to be created, that is experienced.

Yet one of the of surprises of growing up/older is the slow unravelling ability to better understand the delicate interaction of the generalities and specificies in the previous events in our lives as we see others making their own decisions, passing through those ages and events.

An ability skewed towards our earlier — more fragmented — years certainly, we get a second boost with the arrival of children; our relationship with them shedding light both on our long-forgotten earliest years and our parents’ efforts in that regard.

Nevertheless, the deeper question is Can we process such newfound understanding usefully or whether it’s merely doomed to remain a mere nostalgic indulgence?

For, as the fans of every TV series reboot discover, a current chewing on the past regained rarely matches the sharp memory of its taste buried away, deep in our amygdala.