Bring colors into your life

Author in the Mustard Oil Field

Paint Your life with nature’s color.

Connect with nature and color your life.

Last day, I spent my day in a village where mustard oil is one of the major crops.
As soon as I stepped into the vast mustard oil, it lit up my mood.

I felt like I was soaking in its radiating beauty and its bright and vibrant color.

I felt like I was in the lap of mother nature.



Lake view by Author

Six Word Photo Story: Freestyle

A breathtaking, mysterious, misty morning beckons.

The lake view on a misty morning is breathtaking and mysterious.

I wonder how nature has veiled its beauty with mist and fog. Even with the veil, it looks stunning.

The mysterious beauty of the morning’s veil of mist invites me to unfold its beauty. It calls me to be in the lap of nature, be in the moment, and then uncover the veil with the sunrise.

There is so much to find in the morning’s misty veil.
There is so much to hear from it.
There is so much to learn from it.

What does the morning’s misty veil tell you?