Bruce Afrique

The taste of Water fondles my voice,

my verbiage metamorphose into a glamorous tone

I Utter the language of angels whose thoughts seem to be unknown, and begin to speak to dreams that became stories untold

I pray to the majestical creatures for clarity

They are baffled by my disobedience,

telling me

You should have never taken a sip of moist turquoise

Try to fantom an a beautiful phantom phantasm a shadow

Righteousness wrath enormous like a back of a camel

My delinquency terminated my access to liberation

The angelic beings cast my shadow into the abyss, falling and watching the abyss overshadow my sin.

Landed on thin air by thin patients from breaking their last nerves.

An Outcast sheltered by a curse now inhabits the land of persona non grata.



Doing cartwheels and handstands with no hands, I call it levitating

Beautiful Art

Catching Fish with no hook, I call it, master baiting.

Beautiful Art

Planting seeds

Folding branches with my hands is a true depiction of palm trees

Beautiful Art


You’re Cruising the water with cyberspace, I call it surfing the net

Playing the sport that I love,

tickling the sun with my fingertips, I’m playing the suns.

Beautiful Art

Creating music as if I Baptized my tongue with a sip of finesse

Beautiful Art

Birthing out demonstrations

paint miracles with silhouette, I call it Illustrations

Beautiful Art

The Right Dialogue without Characters I call it Ghostwriting

Inspired by Shy Phantoms, I call it Ghost hiding.

Whatever your gifts are in this life, make sure you show them to the world that will set you apart.

Because you are the true definition of beautiful Art



Some say I’m a shy sheep, uncommunicative.

I’m just an uncomfortable pillow who hates empty communication.

I hate to be a pretender that pretends to be

An extrovert in social climates which drains my energy.

Other lone wolfs relate

We used preservatives for our thinking to prevent decay

Chewing a sunflower as a wallflower is more therapeutic

Introverted drive in solitary is a silent movement.

Quietly covering our vibes with shy birds that use twigs to invest

Preventing the damage from social interaction I call it the safety nest

I hear the word loner that plays hide and seek. I’m just and self-observer that hides and see

Hiding from negativity? Or seeking Tranquility?

Either way, if I keep my distance, it gives me the ability.

To have the greatest connection with myself while I’m growing inwardly.