CNA #5 — Politics

Trump lays groundwork for mass deportations

As promised during his campaign, President Donald Trump is planning to upgrade the country’s immigration laws and border control policies. The Trump administration released memos that stated 10,000 new federal officers will be hired for border security and immigration matters, as well as a reverse on a number of Obama’s former policies. New construction of a border wall will take place near major problem areas, such as El Paso, Texas, El Centro, California, and in Southern Arizona.

Trump to revoke Obama-era transgender bathroom guidance for schools, source says

Although this decision has not yet been announced, Fox News received the information that Trump is planning on revoking Obama’s push of transgender bathrooms. Trump believes in states rights and their power to decide. While Obama’s guidance was not legislative, it would put schools at a disadvantage if they did not comply.

Poll: Majority of Americans Worried About War, Feel Favorably Toward NATO

In recent polls taken of the American public, two thirds of the country felt worried about a possible war in the next four years. The article provides several polls that show the majority of Americans supporting our allies, where as Mr. Trump says he will focus on America first. While most Americans view Russia as an unfriendly country, another poll shows this view to be most consistent with the older generations.

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