Game Preview: Indians vs. Tigers

Written by: Eboni Harris, CJCSI Sports

Time: 7:10 p.m.

Where: Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan

Beginning on Friday, June 24th, the series between the Detroit Indians (37–35) and their AL Central rivals, the Cleveland Indians (41–30) will take place at 7:10 pm at Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan. Below is a team comparison.

Advantage at Hand

With the Cleveland Indians having won the last previous series between the two teams, and not having played since Wednesday. The Indians are clearly at an advantage for the first game of the series. Having their probable starting pitcher Danny Salazar proving to be pitching effective in this month of June, they are sure to be covered from the defensive side of the game. The Indians have been rolling and are determined to keep on rolling.

The method to the effectiveness of all the Indians pitchers is not complicated. But just their newly established routine of bullpen sessions. The results from these sessions have proved to make astronomical differences in the Indian pitchers performances. The Indians have four starters in the top-18 in ERA.

“We thought it would be a good chance to hold each other accountable to what we are doing in the bullpens,” Tomlin said. “Not just go through the motions and try to get better in those bullpens. It just gave us that sense of accountability for each other. Everybody is watching. Try to go out there and learn from each other.”

Coming Off a Win

The Detroit Tigers will just be coming off a series win against the Seattle Mariners. Hopefully instead of exhaustion they will be filled with momentum and are ready to face the rested Indians on Friday’s game. They will be relying on the dramatically improved starting right-handed pitcher Jordan Zimmerman to lead the defense. He has been a contributing greatly after suffering a groin injury a few weeks ago.

Pitchers: Danny Salazar and Jordan Zimmermann

In the last match up between the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers, the Indians came through in a 7–3 win on their home field. With Detroit having home field advantage, look forward to seeing a well played game.

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