Gators Sorry to See Long Time Women’s Basketball Manager Leave

By: Madison Callaway and Gabriel Galleno

Christina Bacon’s six year journey as the women's basketball manager is coming to a close. In the summer of 2009, Bacon started as a volunteer manager and shortly after made it official, taking on other responsibilities such as being the Equipment Manager. She handles all the behind the scenes aspects of the program. Bacon is very dedicated to her job and takes all her responsibilities seriously.

As she nears the end of her college career she will be moving on to other programs. Bacon is currently getting her graduate degree in Recreation Management and will be completed this fall. She says her goal is to be Director of Basketball Operations elsewhere.

This year has been a comeback season for the women’s team. They are working on bringing elements of teamwork from past seasons into play again as well as revising some that did not work the best. Bacon says that being able to compromise is a key element of being a good team player because there are leaders and followers but to be successful everyone has to compromise.

“We didn't have a great season last year, but a lot of key pieces came back this year. I felt proud of the returners for turning things around and actually making that effort to have a successful season,” Bacon said.

Ronni Williams continued to lead the team throughout the year and Bacon said her determination and confidence drives her through the games. She was the top ranked basketball recruiting prospect when she started.

“She wanted to build something on her own, build a history instead of being a part of someone else’s history. I think it’s a very unique characteristic to have that kind of independence and the want to have something that you can call your own,” Bacon said.

Bacon preaches that optimism is the best attitude and is all about her good vibes.It’s no wonder that one of the people she’ll miss the most is Brooke Copeland, who is one of the most “optimistic and loving people” she has ever met. She brings a contagious positive attitude to every game, a key component to the team’s success.

Bacon has not only gained experience but learned many life lessons as well. For six years, Gator Basketball was her life and was certainly influenced by it. When she started she was 18 and will so be 25, she truly grew alongside the program.

“To me that’s a great accomplishment. Genuine relationships are hard to come by so when you find people that you are able to connect with on that level, it’s a blessing”

After a loss Bacon makes sure the players keep a positive mindset and are ready to bounce back for the next one. Her radiant positive nature will bring her much success wherever she ends up.

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