Love In NYC

Who says true love doesn’t last?

On a flight from Chicago to NYC in 2017, I sat next to a couple that made me believe true love never dies.

I didn’t learn much about them. I found out they lived in NYC, had one or two kids around my age, and they could contemplate the thought of being vegetarians, but never vegans.

What sparked my interest in them was how they treated each other.

The man boarded the plane before the woman and made sure to find seats for both of them.

They were very kind, reminiscent of how a couple just past the honeymoon phase that would continue to adore each other.

There were even moments of borderline too much PDA.

It was inspiring to sit next to a couple still so much in love.

I haven’t seen that a lot in my life or experienced it in my own relationships. Getting a small glimpse of it on a random flight was a beautiful moment I will treasure.