Top 5 Queer Bucket List Destinations

Life is short, but bucket lists don’t have to be. If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community and are looking for destinations, consider one (or all five) from the list below. Seize the gay.

See the Pride Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil

No queer bucket list would be complete without mentioning Pride at least once. If you’ve never been to one or just want to go to THE largest Pride festival in the world at least once in your life, then Brazil is where you need to be. Hosted annually In Sao Paulo, attendance at this festival is always measured in the millions (yes, you read that right) and people come from every corner of the world to dance, party, and show their love. This year’s parade wrapped up June 18th, but don’t worry there’s always next June, or the next one, or the next one. Whenever you decide to go, rest assured this Pride festival isn’t going anywhere. It’s so highly successful that I have a feeling it will be around for decades to come, until we no longer need Pride parades at all (maybe one day). Buy that plane ticket now and start planning your wardrobe, so next year you can have the time of your life and cross one more thing off your list.

Go on an Olivia Cruise

Lesbi-honest, cruises are only fun if you’re a small child or old enough to buy booze. But an Olivia cruise is the exception, since it has all the alcohol you need and it’s just for lesbians. Olivia is that company that seems to have a booth at every pride event, advertising for their scenic cruises. And as a lesbian, one of my top fantasies (besides appearing on “Ellen”) is to be surrounded by beautiful queer women on a ship for a week. What could be bad about that? Cruises go pretty much anywhere you can dream of, from majestic Alaska to Italy to the Caribbean, and Olivia cruises charter the entire ship for their trips, so it’ll be just you and more women than you can count. This is one experience even I am dying to try just once.

Visit Paris, France

Paris isn’t just the city of love. It also happens to be where queer writer James Baldwin made his mark, walking the streets and writing some of his best work, including “Go Tell It On the Mountain.” France is a romantic city, not just for the sites, but for the gay community as well. In a country where public, passionate love is encouraged, Paris is a must-see when travelling.

The city at night is absolutely gorgeous, and hundreds of people picnic along the banks of the Seine in the evenings, enjoying good food, good company, and a pretty sunset over an even prettier city. I visited for a week two years ago and experienced the city first-hand, and as far as memorable trips go, Paris is at the very top for me. So grab your significant other or your favorite group of queer friends and head over to France for the best time of your life.

Attend a Drag Show

Are you a cut-throat drag queen? Wanting to strut your stuff on-stage? Or just looking to watch talented individuals dress their best and perform songs, dance routines, and show off their skills? A drag show might be just the thing for you. Drag shows are one of my favorite things to see because of the excitement and energy that the audience always exudes. They’re warm, fun, loving spaces in my experience, and you’ll never have more fun than when you’re yelling out your vote for your favorite drag queen or crooning along to their performances.

Drag shows are becoming more and more popular and are common at gay bars. Some universities even hold them, usually hosted by the LGBTQ+ clubs/organizations. So don’t be afraid to ask around if you’re looking for a good time. Drag shows are always a lot of fun and worth attending at least once (if not three times) in your life, just to cross it off your list again and again.

Stop at the Homomonument in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ending this list on a more serious note is Amsterdam’s “Homomonument” right along one of the city’s canals. This monument features three large triangles meant to commemorate those in the community who have been persecuted/killed for their sexuality. Amsterdam is known for it’s relaxed, drug-friendly vibes, and is also one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world. So if you’re making a stop to see the Van Gogh museum, visit a “coffee shop,” or just tour the canals, you’ll want to take a few extra minutes to remember the trials we’ve gone through in the LGBT community to become what we are today. It’s worth the detour.

Originally published at TravelPRIDE.