When deciding how to animate an element on the click event the first port of call is usually to set up a JavaScript event listener. What if I told you there was a way of doing so with pure CSS?

Yup, you read that correctly, you can animate your buttons with absolutely no JS whatsoever. The way in which this can be achieved is quite simple, actually. We just need to take advantage of a couple CSS pseudo classes to apply a CSS animation.

What are Pseudo Classes?

If you are already well versed in pseudo classes you can skip down to the nitty…

Before we start I’d like to point you towards the introductory post for Learn With a Layman. It will provide you with some background information about this series and some vital resources to aid learning.

If you have already read it (you don’t need to read it again) you may recall that a motivator of mine is the lack of explanations of basic JavaScript (JS) concepts in pure layman’s terms. Expanding on that, this post will attempt to get the ball rolling by giving a simple explanation of the following concepts/languages and their role in a traditional website:

  1. Javascript
  2. HTML

So, you wish to learn JavaScript, right? Well, you’re in the right place. I am starting this series in an attempt to give back to the online community, and help anyone who wishes to take their first steps toward learning JavaScript.

You may be thinking “there’s already loads of free online material”, if you are, you’re correct. I am not trying to replace the amazing resources already available — I’d fail, miserably. My goal is to assist learners as they attempt to navigate the endless ocean of tutorials, online courses and podcasts.

But Why?

While starting on my journey I noticed a…

There are very few countries in the world which are not entirely driven by their economy. Bhutan is one that I know of. The problem with the monetary system in place is that it breeds vanity, which in turn breeds greed.

Our governments are controlled by their financial backers, thus never act in the true best interests of those they govern. Instead, they act in the interest of those who will pay them the most.

People around the world know that their governments are corrupt. They know that politicians lie to them. But they still vote for them. Why?


On July 11th 2019 a Twitter user, Edin Jusupovic (a cybersecurity programmer), posted a tweet exposing social media giant, Facebook. The ethically questionable company is, once again, coming under fire for tracking its users. This time via the photos they upload on any of its services.

Edin claims that he discovered this information by noticing a “structural abnormality” within a hex dump of an image that he downloaded from an “unknown origin”. That sentence may not mean much without some explanation, so here goes.

A hex dump is a process which changes a digital medium into a hexadecimal (hex) number…

By Something Decent on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Nomics.com have named decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Switcheo as an ‘A+ Verified Exchange’. This news is fresh off the back of Switcheo’s recent implementation of the EOS blockchain.

On Saturday 6th July 2019 the global Pride movement celebrated its 50th anniversary in spectacular fashion. By the end of the night the internet was awash with photos and videos displaying vibrant colours and happy faces. While, during the day, streets around the world were full of happy people communally supporting equality for all.

My Saturday started with a 7am wake up. This was in order to get to work at BBC Broadcasting House for 10am, as I had to set up a Yamaha S6 piano. Little did I know, the city was preparing for one hell of a party.

On July 8th I reported that the Indian government are skeptical over Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency, Libra coin. Within the article I explain that India’s Economic Affairs Secretary, Subhash Garg, expressed discomfort at the project.

Yesterday, July 9th 2019, Bloomberg reported that a ‘spokesman’ from the social media giant had responded to the news.

Bloomberg explain Facebook’s ‘spokesman’ responded via email, informing them Facebook currently have “no plans” to issue Libra coin or Calibra wallet in the asian subcontinent.

The spokesman goes on to state that “local restrictions within India” are the reason for this decision. …

By Something Decent on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Yesterday, 9th July 2019, Yahoo Finance reported that a Chinese Ponzi scheme had exited with over $30m in stolen funds. The scammers managed to con “hundreds of thousands” of people out of their money, before shutting up shop out of nowhere.

Since the exit of the scammers, the Tron community has been vocally incensed at Justin Sun, Tron Founder & CEO. This is because, according to some victims, the community asked Justin Sun to clarify the legitimacy of the so-called company multiple times. But he failed to even respond.

Infuriatingly, Justin Sun took the time to respond to the incident…

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