Get Secure and Accurate Payroll Software Singapore

The small and mid-sized business owners in Singapore need to invest in a payroll software Singapore. The employee salary, most often than not, represents the biggest liability of the business. Singapore employers, like all other employers, need to take special care of the task.

Need a Payroll Software?

However, manual processing of payroll is not completely reliable, and that is why many of the businesses are opting to use web-based payroll software. This well-developed business software Singapore allows them to exert a firm control over the task and bring the cost down. The system also enables them in optimal use of the available human and other resources which lead to enhanced efficiency and productivity of the business.

Payroll Software Singapore

Ensure Your Compliance with Payroll System

An online payroll software Singapore helps them in streamlining of the payroll tasks. The payroll responsibilities for the small businesses are not all that different from the ones for the larger businesses. They have to follows the payroll related rules and regulations propagated by the various Singapore authorities. They need to make sure that the hiring of employees, payment cycle, employee compensation, withholding of taxes, and statutory deductions and donations are as per the prescribed laws.

Save Resources with Singapore Payroll Software

An integrated payroll software enables the employers in being compliant with the Employment Act of Singapore. It dictates them to pay their employees within the seven days from the end of their payment cycle. The system capably handles the salary calculations for the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll of the business.

The payroll system considers hourly rates, employee benefits, grades, allowances, and takes care of the statutory deductions from the paychecks. It generates itemized pay slips for the benefits employees. It prints their hard copies and emails their soft copies. It, if necessary, also prints manual checks or makes online deposits to the employees registered bank account.

A web-based Singapore payroll software enables the employers in saving time. It also assists them in putting a reliable structure in place to fulfill the legal responsibilities that are invested in employers by the authorities. With the software in place, there is no last-minute rush for the HR staff, no mistakes in the calculations of the salaries or a fatigued payroll executive at the end of the task.

The payroll software Singapore successfully automates the labor-intensive part of the process, comes up with accurate results, and remains at the instant call, only a few mouse clicks away. It assists businesses in taking care of the following tasks.

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Streamline Tasks with Singapore Payroll Software

  • Employee Management
  • Master Setup Management
  • Company Management
  • Banking Compliant — Automated GIRO for almost all Major Banks
  • Compliant with the regulations issued by CPF Board, IRAS, Ministry of Manpower
  • Leaves Management
  • Attendance & Time-sheet Management
  • Claims Management
  • Progression Planning
  • Enquiry Management
  • Email and SMS Management
  • Real-time Reports and Dashboards
  • Schedule Management
  • Tracking
  • Bio-metric (Finger Scan) Attendance support
  • Billing & Invoice Management
  • Itemized Pay slip
  • Multiple Company Setups & Document Upload
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software like MYOB, Quick Books, etc
  • Experienced 24X7 customer service

Data Security

The users do not need any specialized knowledge to use the web-based Singapore payroll software. Even, those with basic knowledge of computers and internet can shift to it easily. The software severs them with the intuitive user-interfaces. It saves the captured data to a central data storage located on the web servers.

The users can access the business’ financial or employee related data as per their access privileges at any time and from anywhere. They only have to access payroll system using the internet browser installed on their device like desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. The access privileges are governed by the Security Matrix, and only authorized users are allowed to see the data on the need to know basis.

The best way for a business of acquiring an innovative payroll software Singapore is to first fix its own requirements. It is an important step as businesses may have special requirements needing the customization of the off-the-shelf product. Go for the feature-rich payroll software by a known and reputed manufacturer.

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