My happiness formula

A week from today I will be joining Front.

I spent the last 6 months soul searching…hikes, books, chats with friends/mentors/peers, sessions with a great career coach and reflecting on what about my work makes me most happy. I made lists and added things like people, culture, product, location, compensation, etc., and crossed them all out over and over again but two. I took these two and tried everything to see if I could live without them. I failed and this is how I knew an organization’s mission and it’s people were the key reasons behind my happiness at work.

I realized I had to relate to the mission. I had to have experienced the pain the mission was to solve. I have to be inspired by it and have to find the pain great enough to want to solve it for others.

I also have to like and respect the people behind the mission. And vice versa. #obvi. I have to feel inspired, challenged and supported by them. And vice versa #obvix2.

So why Front?

The mission:

Not long ago I was browsing AngelList to find a company with a mission that would inspire me. That’s when I came across Front and this video. It felt like they were speaking directly to me and my love/hate relationship with my inbox. In the past I’ve been on several team inboxes being contacted by people outside of the company via addresses like Marketing@, PR@, Info@, Contact@, Partners@, Blog@, Sales@, Jobs@ you name it. These inboxes usually had on average 4–8 people associated with them and on average generated 50+ emails a day. I had no visibility into who was handling what conversations and found myself often lost, confused and overwhelmed trying to get the right answers to the right people.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found Front. I thought to myself, “you can make me love email? How is this possible? I want to know, teach me now!” So I downloaded a free trial, and after spending 30 minutes in the product and watching a video that Blake sent me, I was in love.

The people:

I’ve learned over the last 10 years of my career that people never join or leave companies. They join other people on a journey or leave them when they no longer see eye-to-eye. So it was critical for me to get to know the team as much as I possibly could.

I reached out via AngelList and Ashley wrote me back shortly after to set up time for me to meet Mathilde, the CEO. After speaking with Mathilde I knew I was on the right path of potentially joining an amazing team. Then I spent several hours with Laurent, Cailen, Greg and Cyril. After meeting them, I knew I was going to be surrounded by positive energy and people that were going to challenge, teach, and inspire me all at the same time. Last I met Mamoon, lead investor in Front’s series A round. Mamoon was so confident in the team (and the product) that I was convinced. I was ready to join.

I am super excited to join this fantastic team and support their awesome mission. If you are in the process of looking for your next challenge or evaluating if your current gig is perfect for you, make sure to take some time and reflect. Really get to the bottom of what it is that makes you happy :)

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