Mr edhi sb and my own story:

Mr edhi sb was a great personality for us. I have learnt in his story to help other’s with many ways like his mother gave 2 paisas and advised one for any needy student and one for his and Mr edhi sb find any needy student and gave them. My story is as same as Mr edhi sb story In past when i was school going child one day my friend forget her launch box at home at break time she was too much hunger then i share my launch box with her and i was always help my friends and others with money and other things when they needed….

In past i wants to drive a bicycle but afraid of driving it and it’s behind many reasons like I’m afraid from any accident and can’t drive drive and handle alone and what would people thinking about me when I was driving a bicycle and now my parents not permitted me to drive it. Now i want to achieve that drive bicycle for achieve many tasks…

  1. For less of my afraid from accident.
  2. I improve that a girl can to do this
  3. For confidence
  4. I want to do this,to do this and to do this.

Finally Today I’m driving bicycle by facing many challenge’s and after all I am too much confidently drive this. I have learnt many things from this exercise like girls also drive a bicycle if they are confident. if they wants someting they will definitely get it without taking any tens of socialism. MY next step and want to drive motorcycle after training…

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