My First Blog (Part of Amal Projects)

Part 1: Edhi Sb. reading

“My religion is humanitarianism which is the basis of every religion in the world” is a famous quote of Edhi sb. Abdul Sattar Edhi is such a nice person. He was the founder of Edhi foundation in Pakistan. He serves humanity from the core of his heart. He never ashamed from doing hard work. He could never see his nation in trouble. The services for mankind of Edhi are great whether he had resources or not. Edhi sb have clear vision and mission from his childhood that was the humanitarianism. He invest money for what? He want to invest money to make more money that makes him able to build hospitals, ambulances in emergency cases and employment for unemploy people this all the humanitarianism. He sold pencils, milk in the streets and invest money nor for himself but for the people who are in trouble. He start a small business then he become gradually a legend for whole nation. Abdul Sattar edhi put many examples for us that help us in our progress. Unfortunately, we have lost our beloved hero. May his soul rest in peace (Ameen)

Part 2: #JustStart Project

Communication in a well mannered way at a big platform is difficult for everyone. Only few people has this ability to do this. My weakness point is also a fear to speak in front of too many people. In my mind, many questions arises during the class lecture but i feared from negative feedback and comments, due to which i remain silent in the class. Now its time that i can remove my shyness and my fear and overcome my weakness. To do this i have joined Amal Fellowship. In this Fellowship, i learned that just be confident about your words and thinking without knowing results of it. Inshallah my skills will be improved in this Fellowship.

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