Project 1: The Interested Challenge

To being interested is important than interesting and this will happen only when wetake interest in others acitivities by talking to others. So we should make many good friends and keep good relationship with them and others cousins and relatives to know about their lives. Reading the Chapter “Do This and You will be Welcome Anywhere” gives great lesson of life with real life examples how we can be interesting and famous by taking interest in others. Mostly People want to share their stories with us so we should want to focus on their stories and they will love you due to our interest in them.

The lesson I learned from applying being interested is that If we give importance to others, they will also do the same. Although it was difficult to resist to talk about my self but by making this habit, we can win the heart of others. By talking with my one of best friend regarding to their life plans and other activities, I feel that she was very pleased to listen her story and she explains me every thing in very detail related to her. In this respond, she also asks me same question like I asked her. This lesson is very helpful in our social and practical life. So, by taking interest in others,we can also became interested to them.

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