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Claire Lew

Love your post Claire!

Ooh I don’t like that word ‘hesitation’. It’s an awkward one…

At Google there’s a whole article about this at re:Work about ‘Psychological Safety’. Akin to what you have mentioned on the post. (Reference below)

They’ll assume that you’re not open to receiving new ideas, and they’ll hesitate to bring up feedback the next time around.

And also from your post I have realised that as a Leader one will also have to give tasks to their followers, with a full reason why we need the task completed.

Quick story explanation

I guess the reference was from Jocko Willink’s book Extreme Ownership but I do know that it’s especially useful in a Military setting wherein your commander might be away and you’ll have to take hold of the situation.

If your commander said that you’ll have to go to X location, but you don’t know why, then how are you going to react when your commander’s away and you’re now the Leader?

Are you going to keep going to X location, which might not be the best strategy at the moment, or will you (now in command) and your team move to Y location, which is obviously more strategic/better?

All in all it’s about explaining the task why it has to be done.

Kind regards,

Mic Sumner