A heart assault takes place whilst there is a surprising loss of blood glide to a part of your coronary heart muscle. Maximum heart assaults are because of coronary heart sickness.

A cardiac arrest happens while your heart stops pumping blood round your body. Although a heart assault can bring about a cardiac arrest, they are two different things.

A person who has had a cardiac arrest may be subconscious and gained’t be breathing commonly. In case you see a person having a cardiac arrest, you can increase the character’s chances of survival by phoning 999 and giving them immediate cpr.
What reasons a heart assault?

Most heart attacks are resulting from coronary coronary heart disorder. Coronary coronary heart ailment (chd) is when your coronary arteries (the arteries that deliver your coronary heart muscle with oxygen-wealthy blood) become narrowed by using a sluggish construct-up of fatty cloth within their partitions.

If a piece of this fatty cloth (atheroma) breaks off it can motive a blood clot (blockage) to form. If it blocks your coronary artery and cuts off the deliver of oxygen-wealthy blood in your heart muscle, that is a coronary heart attack.

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