Introduction to SUMOTEX

SMTX solves the very fundamental issue of institutional finance:

$SMTX is the backbone of the AssetFi protocol. The protocol is set up to solve 2 biggest problems that are common in most financial markets today.

  • Illiquid assets describe securities where the liquidity is not perfectly clear. Illiquid assets require a greater degree of capital to transact with but they also have significant benefits such as appreciating in value, providing some protection from volatile markets and lending insurance against market volatility.
  • SUMOTEX is a market that was created to provide easy access to over the counter products, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and options. This service allows investors to purchase equity securities in their desired company with minimal hassle.

How $SMTX solves it

SUMOTEX is a financial technology company offering a suite of solutions for asset owners and family offices that are looking to manage or tokenized their portfolios. Our blending technology enables the use of traditional underwriting methods with the speed, transparency, and reliability of modern digital finance through the AssetFi protocol

Onboarded asset managers will be able to issue/start their funds with their offering after the asset is approved by the governance protocol.

Besides, sumotex is a revolutionary blockchain protocol that allows Over-the-Counter (OTC) products, including commodities, stocks and funds to be traded worldwide on a publicly tradable blockchain platform. SumoTex enables the OTC market that is typically not transparent to be publicly tradable with our protocol technology. Through the use of our innovative technology, we’re revolutionizing the way people buy, sell, trade and own these items over the counter.

How does it bring values to the $SMTX token?

$SMTX token is the main transaction tokens for both purchase of funds and fractionalized assets, being the core backbone of all AssetFi transactions. Through every transaction on the AssetFi protocol purchasing of our token will enable value and bring volume towards $SMTX.

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