Best Video-Making Tips from (Official) The Voice Videos

Well, The Voice has more than 2 million views per view and they boast more than 3 million subscribers.

You don’t need a professional camera crew to make a good video. Let’s dive into the flesh of the video itself to pick out the top tricks for all you aspiring video-making stars out there.

  • Show When and Where

Frequency means how frequent you will be posting videos up. This is for intermediate Youtube stars who already have a strong following. If you pay attention to the bottom left hand corner, those two crisp lines only appear for no more than 3 seconds in the actual video. I had to pause the video in order to take this snapshot, and that’s the point! To make video watchers stop to see the nebulous white words that came and past.

Don’t leave texts on your video the whole way, it can be distracting from the main focus — you.

  • Display ribbon

This is useful if you’re talking about a specific topic in your video, a display ribbon which just streams across the bottom or top of the screen for a few seconds and disappears later on. This is useful for aspiring stars to build your name and brand presence. A combination of auditory and visual cues let viewers remember best!

The Voice employs 2 kinds of display ribbons- red and translucent white. Red is eye-catching and indoctrinates us to remember the singer’s name, while white is less pushy and gives the impression of a choice to download their songs online. Select your colours carefully according to your intention- to attract, direct, or just to point out.

  • Subscription button

The final but most imperative step- to get viewers to subscribe to your feed! Even if you don’t possess the attractiveness of Adam Levine to urge viewers to subscribe, fret not!

Youtubers like to say ‘click here’ at the end of videos but The Voice chooses to make the call-to-action button (Subscribe) as massive as possible without overshadowing the main star. Most Youtubers are overtly pushy or zealous when they attempt to get watchers to subscribe, and others are too shy and lose potential followers. This split-screen effect is the perfect remedy- it doesn’t divert the focus from you, but also pushes watchers to subscribe with a clear and conspicuous button.

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