Why Metamask

For many of you using our platform to sell Ether, this will be the first time you create and interact with a smart contract!

MetaMask is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave that allows you to interact with Ethereum smart contracts without having to run a full Ethereum node. MetaMask also provides a secure way to manage your wallet and identity, on EZEther and other decentralized applications.

By using MetaMask, we ensure that no one other than you can access your account or hijack your funds. Instead of memorizing a password or using two-factor authentication, a standard security feature of traditional applications (which has been exploited plenty of times in the past), MetaMask authorizes transactions using the private key securely stored and encrypted on your computer. This drastically limits the attack vectors hackers can use to fake your identity.

Depositing and withdrawing Ether, as well as adding and fulfilling orders, are all actions that determine the fate of your cryptocurrency. Each time MetaMask prompts you to accept a transaction, you can rest assured that no one but you is in control of your value.