Figuring out the Medium

Well, I've innate habit of trying out new apps & website(s). So, I first came to know about Medium when I'm new channels on IFTTT website. I thought to figure it out so I signed up for it instantly & in meanwhile reading about it on Wikipedia & latest news items released from Medium website.

My experience...

I'm very happy to know that, that this venture is founded by Evan Williams, founder of Twitter Inc. Though to me it's like Blogspot or WordPress like free blog hosting services but over here there's high possibility that it gonna be read by many, you'll get much more higher audience then your standard blog.

Secondly, you'll not have the 140 words restriction. Rather you can express yourself opinions to well. It's something like crossover of Quora, Twitter & Blogspot. The good thing is that you've your own personal URL and appended by your post titles.


The Medium is still in the nascent stage or didn't received that much popularity & admiration. Maybe there's isn't much sharing feature & it's restriction to Mobile website users.

My suggestions!

Work more on it's marketing & remove all barriers & restrictions. Hardly anyone feel the Medium app as necessary to be installed.

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