Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, or maybe even if you are, you are probably aware that site speed is pretty important these days. What I want to touch on today is the difference between site speed and site optimizations.

You may ask what the difference is and doesn’t one influence the other. The answer is… sort of.

Site speed is how fast your page loads. How long does it actually take? 2 seconds? 10 seconds? Under 1 second? (Dare to dream.)

What you’ll hear often from folks is that you have to optimize your site to get it faster. And this is true. Optimization is the process of using tools or strategies to increase the performance (ie: speed) of your website. …

I had a problem the other day, that needed a solution. I had client with an e-commerce store, and they needed to send a customized receipt to their customers for event registrations. The store uses Event Tickets Plus and WooCommerce for selling event tickets. The WooCommerce store uses Stripe as the payment gateway.

The problem: the out-of-the-box order confirmation from WooCommerce didn’t include some vital information in the receipt that these customers needed for their business office to reimburse them for the event registration, such as the type of credit card and the last four digits of the credit card number. …

Being on social media these days is almost required for businesses, but now it’s not just whether you should be on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, but it’s what kind of account you should have on these platforms. Today I want to talk about having a Facebook page vs group.

Facebook page vs group
Facebook page vs group

First, let’s talk about the three main types of Facebook accounts. First of all, if you’re on Facebook, you probably have a profile. That’s your personal account where you add your friends, see your friends updates, and share pictures of your kids and pets. Here’s a screenshot of what my profile looks like. Don’t friend me, I only accept people I know in real life and never clients. …

Do you love Podcasts? I do! I have a number of favorites that I listen to regularly, including The Daily, Freakanomics, and Reply All. I even am a co-host on a podcast called Women in WP, where we talk to women working in the WordPress arena about the awesome stuff they are doing.

You might be thinking about hosting a podcast, and I’ve been asked more than a few times, how do I do that? How do I get started? How do I get it on my site.

Well, I’m no expert, as I’ve only ever created one podcast, but I can share what I know about the process. …

When someone comes to me with a website that needs e-commerce, one of the first few questions I ask them is, “How would you like to accept payments?”

One of the answers I get a lot is PayPal. I get why. It’s easy and people are already familiar with it. They are usually already using it to send and receive money, so it makes sense that they would be ready to get started there.

And PayPal is fine. I’m a longtime PayPal user, having opened my PayPal account in 2000 so that I could shop on Ebay. …

For this blog post, do me a favor and real quick go look at our “request a quote” page. You don’t have to fill out the form (unless you want a quote). Just take a look at the form.

It’s a pretty simple form. It asks for their contact information and for a little info about their business, and then what services they are interested in. Forms a great way to collect information from your users, but often times the info we need makes a form too long, and scares off the person we want to complete it. …

The other day I was looking around at some other web design company blogs. Not to be creepy, but I like to see what other people are writing about on their blogs, maybe learn some new things or get some inspiration. And I got to one site and I noticed that it only had a home page and then a portfolio page.

There were no other pages on the site that I could see. …

I mentioned last week that there are a lot of people in my town running for school board in the upcoming election. One is my friend and neighbor, and one is my husband. (And their websites are the best ones, if I do say so myself.) I have more than a passing interest in this race, so I’ve been taken a look at a lot of the DIY websites. As you might imagine, I have strong feelings about websites. I will notice things that nobody else notices, and that’s why I get paid to do this job. …

Everyone wants their website to get visitors. But not everyone knows how to make that happen. It’s probably the most frequent question I get asked. How do I drive traffic to my website?

So today, I’m going to break my advice into two different ways to get traffic. How to get traffic today, and how to get traffic in the future.

If you build it, they will come.

When it comes to websites, this is most definitely not true. There are many factors involved in getting traffic to your website, but you won’t have visitors just by virtue of having a website. …

Do you want to have your own company email address, but don’t want to check yet another email address. I hear you.

Instead of setting up an actual email account, you opt to do a “forwarder” where an email address exists, but those emails forward to whatever email you usually use, like Gmail.

This can work, but I wanted to spell out some real challenges and pitfalls of doing a forwarder instead of a real email address.

iPhone with Gmail app
iPhone with Gmail app

If your email only forwards to your Gmail or Yahoo email address, when you go to reply to that email, it’s going to come “from” your Gmail or Yahoo or whatever email, and not “from” your business email address. …


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