Exclusive You

A sad and extraordinary story

One of the biggest challenges of doing your own thing is that it can be a very lonely road. If you know someone in your life who genuinely cares about your work or direction, supports and talks to you about it, you’ve got a great friend there; embrace him or her. If not, embrace this harsh fact about following your intuition and propel forward. Because, although this may appear to be a sad story, it’ll be an extraordinary one to tell; a story that crafted an extraordinary you.

Emotional exclusiveness is not very apparent but it can be very tormenting to a person’s mental and physical health. That’s why it’s important to remind ourselves of the reasons behind living a portion of our lives exclusive to ourselves. For me, it’s to shape myself into a stronger and authentic individual. The Exclusive You is an extraordinary story because it takes away anything that may blur genuine self-learning experiences; opportunities and interactions are truly open-ended and in your hands. Your decisions, based on your values, will ultimately shape you into the individual you are to become and the life you are to live.

Aspiring fashion designers, writers, entrepreneurs, developers, philanthropists, artists, graphic designers, athletes — I speak to you. We may not be in control of the situation and experiences that got us where we are today, but we have sufficient degree of control to determine the next direction. I aspire to be a writer and I’m fighting off the stream of situations and circumstances that may convince me to drop this dream. I don’t know how exactly I’ll achieve this goal, but what I’m certain about is that to be a writer, I need to start writing and reading, a lot, no matter what.

Enter Exclusive You. Create opportunites every day so you can work on your passions, goals or dreams. It’s more likely that the opportunties you aim to create and the initiative you pick up will cause you some grief in other aspects of your life; don’t be demotived. The best thing we all can do is be true to ourselves and those who are or were in our lives. Direct the Exclusive You story, and the rest will fall in place in the end. If it hasn’t, it isn’t the end.

The key distinction about living the Exclusive You story is that there is no direction unless you determine one. There is no teacher, no master, no instruction — everything is relative to your initiative and perspective.

No one is responsible for determining the direction and purpose of your life other than you. If you’re not directing your story, you’re casting for someone else’s.
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