Breakup Playlist.

Photo by Ronald Cuyan on Unsplash

“I cannot believe this.”
“Cannot believe what?”
“You have a breakup playlist?”
“And you’ve named it Ultimate Breakup Playlist?”
“How cliche are you?”
“As cliche as any normal human would be?”
“Do you actually listen to these songs?”
“Of course.”
“How often?”
“Whenever I’m going through a breakup.”
“And how often is that?”
“Every time my heart is broken.”
“And how often is that?”
“Each time I fall in love.”
“Now how often is that?”
“See the problem is whenever I think someone is handcrafted for me, they go ahead shattering all my illusions.”
“And that’s when you listen to this stupid playlist.”
“Not really.

Hey, don’t call it stupid. I’ve been curating this playlist for years.”
“Alright, alright! So, what do you think is the issue with boys now?”
“I don’t know. You tell me, you are one of them.”
“I am not like the other boys.”
“Sure, that’s what everyone says. But really tell me, what goes wrong in a seemingly normal relationship?”
“The ruins of a relationship are often built on the foundation of expectations.”
“That makes no sense.”
“It makes all the sense in the world. So, what about this playlist?”
“What about it?”
“Why do you really need it?”
“It helps me cry.”
“What shit are you into?”
“What? Sometimes you’re terribly sad and want to cry your guts out but you just cannot. Sad songs make you more miserable than you already are. Getting those tears out of your system makes shit better. Makes you see things in a better light.”
“Stop judging me.”
“I am not.”
“I have some leftover rum from last night. Why don’t I get it and we’ll talk all about the boy who broke your heart so badly?”
“We should start with you then.”
“Oh no.”
“I’m game, though. But first, tell me which songs in the playlist are for me.”
“Come on, be fair.”
“Okay. So, there’s this song by Sufjan Stevens that tears me up each time I listen to it…….”

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