Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

This is a story of a girl. It’s not about me. It’s a bit of you and me, of the person you sit next to, and the people around us. This is a story of a girl who hasn’t seen everything but wishes to. She lives in between the hopes of tomorrow and the mistakes of yesterday. She stays up till the late hours of the night to watch a movie that leaves her in tears, and sometimes, she does a rerun of Friends for old times sake. When she was young, she had issues with the image of her body that she slowly began to love as she grew older. Age got kinder to her as she got kinder to herself. In college, she dreamed of venturing out — a little bit more than that of her mother. She dreamed of paying her bills and getting a home for herself. She often has nightmares about a certain day from high school when she was bullied bad. She swore to never go back to school, but her brother made her believe that she was born to fight. So, she showed up. And she kept showing up. She exercised her power to write and rewrite her story. Until she became everything she desired, even though she calls herself a work in progress. Maybe she is your sister or your girlfriend. She could easily be your teacher, your best friend or your mother. Or maybe she is you. Whoever she is, she is a little bit of everything we dream and touch.

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