Start Over.

Photo by Ti-Van B. on Unsplash

This morning when I woke up, I wanted to start over. I wanted to take a break from wretched emotions, bitter coffee, and sad music. Oh god, I listen to such sad music. To start over fresh and big, I sweetened my coffee with lots of sugar, put on some music, applied red lipstick, and wore clothes bright enough to cheer me up. I put the bad thoughts and feelings at bay. Actually, I left them out on the door mat when I walked in. Look, to start over, you need the right frame of mind and purpose. And a purpose, I definitely had. I had copies of Wodehouse too. I delighted myself with his words and bought some clothes off the internet. Ooh, new shoes! Because starting over also requires walking in taller and firmer footsteps. I picked a cupcake on my way. With the creamiest butter frosting that affirmed that hope is a wonderful thing and I should look forward to it.

Hope. It’s right up the street, lost in the traffic and pollution. Maybe it’s hazy right now, but a little walking will make it visible.