iPhone 7 Leaks, Rumors And Other News — Apple Latest Updates

iPhone 7 Leaks:

Release date: Apple has a tradition to launch the new iPhone in September at a big event. But this time peoples were saying that iPhone 7 will be reveled early from September but a latest leak from iPhone ha made it clear that this time iPhone will also release on 16 September of the year 2016. So no more fake or scam leaks on this topic.

More over here is the leaked shape of iPhone 7 it is more accurate than other leaks because it gives some concept of their new specification here it is.

Rumors And Other News about iPhone 7:

Their are some rumors that iPhone 7 home button will be merged inside the touch screen to make the screen more wider and to enhance its shape. 
Some rumors are coming that this time apple will make the signal bar glow on notifications. Some are saying the back will be first time of glass. But i have now found out a amazing thing that may be this time their will be no silent button.
Also that the volume button will be made touch system. 
Some are saying that iPhone will make this one 100% water prof and shock resistance.
Even a concept of air pump is also given that iPhone will protect its self from being dropped on the floor hard.
Some are saying that this time iPhone will come with edge and smoother curves.
Also now a days some peoples are saying that their will be no sound jack in the new iPhone and their will be no extra buttons.

Even a concept of air touch is also given. They will surely upgrade their camera and some reliability and they will also made the battery life upto one whole day. 
A concept of wide display screen is also given. like iPhone will expand it self when we need big scree. A visual of wireless charging is also been thought but in the whole let us all wait what will come and what will change.

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