Do you ever think of life after death? It exists. I don’t mean physically, but rather what you build during your lifetime to make its dent in the universe.

“Leave the world in a better place than you found it” — a boy scout rule. This simple principle is adopted in many situations, like coding. When you come across someone else’s work and you think you can make it better, you do it, and create a merge request for that open source software.

We live in an unprecedented digital age where we can document our lives, our existence, our impact, contributions, better than at any time in history. …

I got mine installed at U-Haul for $285 ($85 in labor), but I think I could’ve done it myself for half that price — if I had the tools.

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This post is about lessons I learnt in CS452 Real-Time Programming, a 4th year undergraduate class at the University of Waterloo. Better known as “trains” or “realtime” class.

“Easy stuff! You play with trains all day (literally, maybe even night). All you need to do is write one simple program to control multiple trains so they don’t crash!”

— chko on BirdCourses.com

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The class is a bit unconventional because it indirectly teaches other topics, like time management and teamwork, by providing a large amount of work — so that you have to learn these skills. …


Jason Sun

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