RV Road Trip: Redding & Shasta


  • Perry Riffle BLM. The first day was at a BLM location, because it was getting dark and we wanted a place to stop by.
  • Redding Marina RV park was our home for 1 week. Central location while we explored Redding.
  • Lake Siskiyou campground was our home for 2 nights, to look at the lake, visit Castle Crags, town of Mt Shasta, and drive to the top of the Mt. Shasta road- at least until Bunny Flats where the road remains closed from the winter.
  • Fowlers Campground was great near McCloud waterfalls, and we drove to the McArthur-Burney falls and Hat Creek.
  • Last stop in Fairfield was at a friend’s location overnight. That’s all.
Original idea — but too much moving for a 2 weeks trip.

Perry Riffle BLM

The rig.


Sundial bridge in Redding
Great bike trails
More trail photos
Shasta Dam
We stayed at Redding Marina RV park, 7 days. It was a central location on the river.
Marina RV Campground really was just a parking lot. But at least it was close to the river and very central.

Lassen National Park

Biking Lassen Road
Mt Lassen from Hat Creek Valley

Mt Shasta

About history of Mt Shasta
View of Mt Shasta from Manzanita Lake
Got this shot with my drone, in Shasta National Forest.

Castle Crags State Park

Got this picture from the short scenic hike of 0.5 miles
Got this picture after hiking the unstable unpaved hikes, near the river. Very nice though!
View of Mt Shasta too, with my family.
Railroad Park Resort view of Crags

Lake Siskiyou

Lake Siskiyou and Mt Shasta
The campground at Lake Siskiyou was great. It was $54 / night and full hookups. The water pressure was too high though, and damaged our hot water heater.
Starlink Dishy. Sky was much obstructed by tall trees and the sat link was not great, actually unusable.
Campground at night

Hat Creek

Subway Cave

Entrance of a 400 ft underground natural lava tube.
The chamber


Upper Falls
Middle falls
Lower Falls
Swimming hole
Deers frequently walk into our campgrounds. Beware of squirrels who come into the RV and steal food.
Some of the most amazing bike views near McCloud.
Trail is a little rough but a gravel bike can handle it.

McArthur-Burney Falls


  • $464 for gas at approx $5.40 / gal and 8 MPG
  • $369 for campground costs
  • Roughly 1.5 tank of gas for our toad SUB, ~20 gal, approx $108
  • Groceries and meals ~$40 / day, 15 nights ~$600


  • Don’t over plan your trip. Allow time and space for surprises and moments to enjoy along the way. If you are too rigid in planning, you’ll lose the ability to adapt to unexpected opportunities. All plans are made on incomplete, partial information.
  • Don’t drive too much each day. For us, it’s no more than 6 hours day, usually 2–3. It’ll seriously burn out and feel tiring, making the trip experience worse.
  • Don’t move camp too often. Last year before getting a toad vehicle, we would move every day because we had no “home base”. That was tiring, because it felt like we were passing through, and not soaking in the local experience. Plan to stay in a place 3 to 6 days.
  • Carry paper maps and info. Don’t expect internet and battery access while hiking out.




ad astra per aspera

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