Sun Salutation Yoga, Surya Namaskara

Dear Friends, I, Chhaganbhai Patel (08–04–1956), have indulged gradually in this experimentation for last 32 years, I have been experiencing benefits of this procedure very regularly. Apart from this, Yogmudra, a special yogic method, and Pranayam, the yogic process involving regulation of breathing have become the daily chore of my lifestyle.
Sun Awakes You — Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskara is a set of 12 powerful yoga asanas that provide good health and prosperity. Let’s all be free from the use of Allopathic Drugs and yet remain healthy by practicing sun-salutation.

For the purpose of good health and prosperity, there are numerous references of praising the Sun in Vedas and other scriptures, and the procedure is called Surya Namaskara (literally translates as “sun salutations”).
The challenge is how to integrate the sun-salutation technique into the health care system and keep the records for empirical evidence. It is all possible, just extend a hand and join us, learn the technique to overcome all the pains and suffering, and go on sharing with others. Over a period of time, perhaps these relaxation techniques will be the only remedies left to practice.

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