15 Shocking Images to show that nobody Wins a War

Conflict resolution through war holds a strong attraction for humanity. Ever since man discovered instruments capable of shedding blood and inflicting pains on perceived enemies, settling quarrels through force has become a viable option. So it has been, down the ages, from generation to generation. War drums, especially to post Nigerian civil war generation often sounds like a Nollywood sound track. It sounds sweet. But those who have witnessed war will be quick to remind those who care to listen that it is not a video game for anybody’s entertainment. War always bring sorrow and sadness to both the victors and the supposedly losers. Either on the war front or after the cessation of hostility, humanity lives with the post- war scars and the sad reminder that war should never be an option in any conflict resolution.

The images shown here are from conflicts around the globe to show the futility of war and a reminder that it is better to dialogue than roll out the war drums that will send everybody into mourning long when the booming sound has stopped. These photographs have not changed the world but have brought misery to all- the gladiators and the helpless.( WARNING:EXTREME GRAPHIC IMAGES)

  1. PLUME OF DESTRUCTION- Bombing of a neighbourhood in the on-going civil war in Syria.

2. MAN-MADE DISASTER- After the aerial bombing comes destruction as shown in this once beautiful city in Syria. Where will the fund for post war reconstruction come from? Would that money be more useful in providing infrastructural upgrade for the underdeveloped areas of the war ravaged country?

3. SHATTERED PEACE-A one- time cozy sitting room; a sad reminder of truncated happiness.

4. CHILDREN IN DISTRESS- victims of chemical weapons in Vietnam.

Iconic picture of the child napalm victim from the Vietnamese War taken by Nick Ut in 1972.



Hutu man mutilated by the Hutu ‘Interahamwe’ militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels during the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The ethnic conflict killed over 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutus. The photograph taken for Times by James Natchwey, USA, Magnum Photos won World Press Photo of the Year in 1994.

7. AT THE WAR LORDS MERCY- A child double amputee who survived the Sierra Leonian Civil War. Amputation of this nature remained a sad reminder of the suffering civilians were subjected to by the warring factions


8. CHILDREN IN DISTRESS- Those not physically injured faced the challenge of starvation or malnutrition due to lack of food.

The “Biafran’ children. Photograph taken by Don McCulin during the Nigerian Civil War that took place between 1967 to 1970.

9. INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE- Displacement of civilian populace is usually the aftermath of any war as people migrate from their community in search of safety. A journey with the wind.

. The photograph taken by Kuni Takahashi from the Liberian Civil War.

10. WAR HAS NO ETHICS- Combatants with guns have the ‘divine’ mentality that they are free to do anything, either to the civilians or captured enemies

This iconic image shows police Chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan about to execute Viet Cong officer, Nguyen Van Lem, on the street in Saigon. The Pulitzer Award Winning Photograph was taken by Eddie Adams in 1968.

11. DEATH ON DUTY- this is the photograph no US Newspaper was ready to publish when it was taken by the photographer, Kenneth Jarecke, in 1992.

An Iraqi soldier incinerated in his tank during Operation Desert Storm — the U.S.-led military action that drove Saddam Hussein and his troops out of Kuwait. War is surely hell.

12. DEADLY WOUND- Combatants in war have a mission to kill their ‘enemies.’ When they don’t get killed, they could be seriously wounded.

The photograph shows a wounded American service man after an encounter in Iraq.

13. AFTER THE BATTLE FIELD- Many combatants will survive the war, but their lives may never be the same again. The scars from wounds received on the battle ground will be a continuous reminder that war spares nobody, civilian or soldiers, except the politicians who fail to honour round table agreements.

US Marine Ty Ziegel poses with Renee Kline before thei Ziegel was severely wounded in a suicide bomb attack during his second tour of duty in Iraq. He was blinded in one eye, had a shattered skull, and most of his skin was burned off. The couple were engaged following Ziegel’s first deployment in Iraq.r wedding. Photograph taken by Nina Berman

14. WAR SCARS ARE FOREVER- veteran who went to war able but returned as a casualty.

Photograph of Rifleman Craig Wood, 18, injured in Afghanistan, taken by Bryan Adams, the Canadian rock musician who is also a celebrated portrait photographer. www.indy100.com


Is there any alternative to Peace? There will always be misunderstanding in all human affairs,but War is surely not the way to settlement. In any conflict resolution, dialogue remains the best option. Peace must reign for the World to be at peace.