Residential Lemon Tree Bug Spray for Infestations

Residential citrus trees are constantly under the threat of various insects and illnesses. Bacterial diseases (such as canker and citrus greening disease), viral diseases (such as a tristeza), funguses (such as mold and mildew) and vectors (such as mites and the Asian Citrus Psyllid) all have the power to seriously harm a healthy lemon tree.

Our specially-formulated citrus tree bug spray is a great all-natural way to heal a residential lemon tree that has been afflicted with any of the previously mentioned conditions.

If the oil spray is applied directly on an infested area, the citrus spray solution (C.S.S.) will rapidly get rid of the pesky insects. Because it is completely composed of all-natural ingredients, you also don’t ever have to worry about destroying your tree’s new growth. This makes C.S.S. a perfect solution for citrus tree pest control.

If your lemon trees are presently healthy and you intend on keeping them that way, a quick rubover the tree’s trunk with a rag will create an inhospitable environment for pests (like those hassling aphids and mites), and prevent them from feed on the tree’s young leaves and buds.

While it may sound too good to be true, C.S.S. was specially formulized with an oil and sulfur base. This thick, all-natural, liquid essentially drowns the insect and creates an inhospitable environment for further infestations. Be forewarned, however: This creates an inhospitable environment for all insects, including the advantageous ones, so be sure not to spray any beneficial creatures, such as ladybugs.

C.S.S is recommended to be used on days where the temperature will reach at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but no higher than 80 degrees. If the weather is too cold, the spray will not be effective, but if it’s too hot, you risk burning your leaves in the hot sun.

C.S.S can be used as an immediate Citrus Aphids Control, however other types of insects may require additional applications. You should never spray the lemon tree more than once, however. Even if the insects are still present, the egg sacs of the pest will absorb the spray and kill any eggs.

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