What is Citrus Greening Disease?

Citrus greening disease is a lethal bacterial disease that affects all types of citrus trees, including orange, lime, lemon, tangerine, mandarin, and grapefruit. This disease also affects kumquats and pomelos which growers often use for grafting. This disease is lethal and there is no known cure.
 Known in the scientific realm as Huanglongbing (HLB), citrus greening disease is spread by an invasive Asian insect known as the Asian citrus psyllid. It is unknown how this devastating insect reached American shores, however it was likely via international travel, in a suitcase or on clothes.

If noticed at all, the Asian citrus psyllid will likely be seen on new plant shoots, as its population goes up in times of lively plant growth. They resemble aphids and measure only about an eighth of an inch. Their bodies are a brownish grey and they have “mottled” brown wings. They generally will attempt to jump or fly away if you approach them.

The Asian citrus psyllid destroys citrus plants by introducing them to HLB (or citrus greening disease), as well as by feeding on the leaves and stem of the plant. Symptoms of citrus greening disease include small and bitter fruit, premature shedding of the fruit, and yellowing of plant leaves and shoots.
Once infected, citrus greening disease control is virtually impossible, and HLB will eventually kill the tree. Due to the fact that citrus greening is highly contagious, as well as the fact that symptoms do not appear for a few years, by the time its presence is noted, the rest of the crop has usually already been infected.

Citrus greening has been wreaking havoc on citrus growers, and the economy as a whole. As mentioned, there is also no cure. The only official citrus disease treatment method is quarantine. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Hawaii, Guam, South California and areas of South Arizona have been quarantined for the Asian citrus psyllid specifically; while Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, as well as areas of South Carolina and Louisiana, have been quarantined for both the Asian citrus psyllid and citrus greening disease. For an up to date map of quarantined locations, visit SaveOurCitrus.org.

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