Pune to be facilitated as a Start-up breeding ground

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, on Wednesday while speaking at an inauguration function held at Force Motors, Chakan, Pune, said that Pune shall be focused as a start-up hub and shall be provided with all the necessary help. Pune is a well located and cultured city. Our country has seen many thriving entrepreneurs from this City. It never lets you down. Currently, Bangalore is the start-up capital, but Pune holds the potential to surpass it.

Pune, is located well near Mumbai. And Mumbai, being the financial capital of India, automatically helps boost Pune’s corporate culture. But, instead of big companies taking over Pune, we are seeing many new ideas and ventures thrive in this environment. Pune is well connected and can be travelled throughout in 3–4 hours on a two-wheeler itself. It has deep roots with culture and has always been proving a point since its existence. Maharashtra is the state which provides maximum tax revenue to the country of India, and the two of its major cities are Mumbai and Pune among the others. Pune ranks among the biggest cities of the Country. It is not bound by any geographical limitations and has scope for expansion on all its fronts, unlike Mumbai. There has been a shift of population and focus from Mumbai to Pune recently because of its suitable environment. Pune has seldom experienced any natural calamity as well.

The Oxford of the Easy, Pune has many new and extraordinary brains in the making. It has been home to knowledge in all the fields. Many research institutes of the Government of India are located in Pune. Startups find the city to their pace, not too fast and not too slow either. This has made Pune a breeding ground for Start-ups in the country.

Start-ups require security of their ideas, inventions and creations. SunBrio, a Pune based start-up, deals in securing Intellectual Property Rights for its clients from all over the Country. Before any start-up commences operations, it needs to adopt a brand name for itself. SunBrio, provides online trademark registration service in Pune. It helps start-ups secure their brand name and ensures that they are not unknowingly infringing on anyone else’s trademarks. This gives a positive boost to the Start-ups and secures their future path. Trademarking your brand name is the first step any entrepreneur should take while starting his business venture in India. And, for startups of Pune, they already have a very reliable partner on this front — SunBrio.

Once a start-up obtains the trademark of his brand name, or even files for its registration, it can start its business. Then, as it builds its goodwill and place in the market, legally his Brand name is being secured for his exclusive usage in the market. By the time the trademark is registered, he has earned a good amount of goodwill and can even tell the public that the brand name is now a registered trademark of his company. This gives the start-up a competitive edge over its competition. Along with the Government of India, companies like Sunbrio are also helping boost the start-up culture of Pune. The future looks promising for the next generation.

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