Women are better than men for managing documents at home. Are they?

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. Recently, a funny little thing happened which prompted me to finally create my blog. A quick search on Google and after 2 mins of setting up on Medium, here I am.

We cannot deny the fact that women are generally so good at managing things. I am still surprised why there are not more women as ministers. My wife is usually much better than me than me for managing my home files, be it, CEB or CWA bills, my school and college results, of my payslips.

Recently, however, I started using a nice little online tool called Document.mu (https://www.document.mu) and a startling but really fun thing happened. I took pictures of my documents and uploaded it on the website. Two days later, my wife asked me for some information which I instantly checked online. This was a good way to impress my wife, :-)

I instantly called her back with the information. This happened 3 times in a single week. Surprised, my wife asked how could I fetch those information so quickly. It has already been 4 weeks, and I am still withholding this information from her. I’ll wait a little bit before telling her, :-D

The thing that I learnt is that my wife is better at managing and organising information, but I am better at managing and using technology. Having a competitive couple life is so fun!!!

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