M y trip toDussledurf

the most excited trip is going to take place.That was my feeling with a little bit of eerie feeling as I am going to travel alone after 6 years.

Yes. after my osteo I had been protected and petted by my students or rather my adopted children as I had to spent most of the time pressed by my work.They have been my travelling companion both officially and personally

Harish, Balaji’s friend escorted me to the airport accompanied with Jeyasree who planned meticulously everything

I had a few students who accompnied me to the airport even in the late night though it was a special lunar eclipse day

with a hug from Jayasree and with handshake and hugs from others,I enterd the airport alone with the wheel chair man

The formalities were over quickly seeing me in a wheelchair and also my paasport.I even signed an autograph for the lady who helped me in the airport

Alas!waiting for 3 hrs in the lounge is the most terrific one. Thank God I had a book to finish it and thus I managed to escape from sleep.Then I was given a royal treatment in Emirates, But i fell asleep as I squatted on my seat. I was woken up with a breakfast which was very much needed

I couldnt operate much of TV as it was dark and also I was asleep

oh! it was a stupendous sight inDubai airport.The man who took me was jovial and talking in his butler English continuously.When we were waiting in the entrance, he gave me his wifieand asked me to message my son. He was happy to see me travelling alone

By the time I entered the aircraft I became easy and realised my SELF.So I started to watch movies and listen to music and began to speak with the coupe nearby also

The snacks -veg rollere with a cup of liquid closed.I was a little hesitant to open it thinking it was beer.When I asked the air hostess she laught=ed and said it is pure mineral water

Then came lunch.It was sumptuous though I couldnt eat much .I asked for coffee. My God such a black coffee has not been tasted at all..I swallowed it and waited for Dusseldurf.Here I started to wondwer how I am going to identify my luggage as I got confused over the colour of my suitcase. Thank God I had my photograph and the helper identified my suitcase

We came out .Ah, once again Balaji did not come to the airport. The wheelchair man akeed me to call him but I cant as my phone will not be useful. So I requested him to wait. Seeing my condition One Bengali who was waiting forhis wife asked me to shre the number and he rang up. I came to know the flight has arrived EARLY and he is ON HIS WAY.waited for 10 minutes and was greeted by Balaji and Haiku

There she started to say how she came by sky train.Before getting into the car he wanted to know whether i can take a cup of cofee.

the horrible taste was lingering in my mind and I came home and had lovely coffee