TSC 2017 Day 3

Wednesday was a lot of lectures on language, memory, anesthesia, brain stimulation. We also had a great lecture from Noam Chomsky — and the poster sessions in the evening.

Presenting Poster at TSC 2017

Couple of highlights:

I got to meet Roger Penrose in the evening and had quite a fun conversation with him. It went something like this:

Prem: I really admire that you are suggesting we need something beyond current Quantum Physics…

Roger: Yes, thank you — do you have a poster?

Prem: Yes, and I proceeded to give a quick summary of the concept of consciousness and how it has many levels — that there are 3 layers described in Hindusism– Physical, Mind and Spiritual.

Roger: I see things like this: (He traces out on the floor with his walking stick cirlces) — Physical world — Mathematical principals, and then a region of external consciousness interacting with Matter.

Prem: but that’s actually what is described in Hinduism. Your mathematical realm we can consider the region of universal mind. I’m glad you are on the right track!

I think he left a bit intrigued, hopefully I’ve helped to sway his mind to consider some of the fundamentals of Hinduism science in his theories!

Prem Sundaram and Roger Penrose

The speech from Noam was focused also on the idea that we have our internal language, which “ though it might be finite, we can create an infinite number of ideas and thoughts, and that while we may not understand we can learn. He also commented ‘what do we comprehend? We are organic creatures not angels and therefore we may have limits.” He is clearly very humble and thoughtful in our role and scope as humans on this planet.

There were also some more fantastic and interesting presentations, a lot on the power of brain stimulation (through light, electricity, magnetism, etc) and there are some cool technologies I will research in the future and blog about. In the evening there were some good short lectures, many about the power of mediation, vibration and resonance to enable ‘healing’. This is one of the main areas I would like to continue my own research.

Great talk by Flavio Burgarella — www.burgarellaquantumhealing.org