TSC 2017 — Day 4

Wow — full on quantum mechanics and general relativity! But what a talk — probably the best talk I’ve seen all week from Ivette Fuentes, University of Vienna — Gravity in the Quantum Lab.

She was very exciting and had an aura of someone really interested and ‘wowed’ by the topic. Very inspirational to watch! Her work is on detecting gravitational waves, and is working with Penrose since he is keen on incorporating gravity into his theories.

Ivette Fuentes — Great Lecture on her work on Gravity

Later in the morning we had some good conversations on mind and music — which again got me excited about doing research in the power of sound for healing. A colleague here says I should apply for a grant — not a bad idea? Never thought about that until now!

In the afternoon we had lectures on patterns of vibration and resonance in the brain, with a lot of work on perception and monitoring of brain waves. Cool company to check out — NeuroVigil — monitoring brain waves as you sleep and diagnosing potential illnesses from these patterns.

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