Reflections: Sep 26th, 2017

A solitary walk in the Shanti trail was spectacular. I saw a huge earthworm and did not have the courage to pick him up with my hands and had to push him off the trail using a stick.

Today, my brother’s friend was the cook’s helper in the kitchen and he was taking special care of me. I asked him “Are you not coming to the class?” and he darted “Cooking ticks me, not these classes”. The food here was special today and looks like he kicks in a notch when he gets here for Seva.

Today’s reflection:

Everything arises from “I am”.
When you wake up, don’t rush into the World.
The passage between sleep and walking state is called “Sandhi” (junction). It is there for a small moment and by meditation you may prolong it. The “I am” thought arises in this passage. You sense the “I ness” in this passage.
As you wake up, you witness this passage as “I am” and then say “here”; This has created the space dimension and then you say “now” and this creates the time dimension.
“I am” is the mother of all thoughts.
The evolution happens from “I am” into the waking state, one identified with body and mind. We have to the reverse to abide in the Reality.
“I am” is the root and “God” is the Tree.
“I am” is a thought that is not a thought yet, it is the sense of the being, the space of awareness.
As you wake up, you superimpose your ideas, beliefs etc., onto “I am” and make yourself miserable. Don’t attach a concept to “I am”. This is true wealth.
Drop all the past and what exists is “I am”. Then who am I? This is wonder of wonders.
Do not put “I am” into the flow of becoming.
There is no “becoming” in “I am”, there is no space-time in “I am”.
Keep the sense of “Immutability” when you are thinking. Try this when you are eating food alone.
Natural things happen naturally.
A follower can never be the liberated.
You need to urgently discover the “immutable center” within you.
A few more rituals is not going to make you religious.
Begin with “I am”. It is the sense of being deeper than any other thought. Whatever you perceive is not real. Don’t hold on to the perceived. Stay with the origin of perception. Establish in “I am”. It is the beginning and ending of all Sadhana.
Without “I am”, there is no body, mind and the Universe.
In spite of all your cleverness and cunningness. the bondage continues. You should ask “Why did the cleverness and cunningness not remove my bondage”?
Bondage is false ideas imposed on “I am”.
(Still thinking through this one, will change as the teachings evolve) There is a 3rd category that rises between Matter and Spirit (Consciousness). This category is sandwiched between Matter and Sprit. The characteristics of the this category is defined by the parameters of the body. This category has different names: Jiva, Bhava, Cetah, ViBhandha, Sukshma Sarira, Granthi and Ahankara.
Bondage: In spite of all the things you successfully acquire there is a general sense of unsatisfactory feeling of all, leaving you in anxiety and sets you in insecurity.
You may claim “I am not running for fulfillment”, you may be running for “sensation”. Don’t get into the field of sensations, for they are unreal.
Don’t condemn your negative thoughts, it creates conflict. Don’t drive them away, it creates anxiety. Be natural and witness them. Witnessing is a powerful and a benign way of handling negative thoughts.
Don’t try to be a professional do-gooder. Discover the inner immutability in which there is action but no actor. This is freedom and freedom is Love.
You don’t do good, good happens when you discover the immutability of the Self.
The Present that is sandwiched between Past and Future is of the nature of the Past. There is nothing fancy about it. Real Present is not caught between the memory of the past and the anxiety of the future.
Vedanta is “the rod of Moses”. It creates the pathway by clearing the ocean of Samsara.
Future is uncertain and utterly unpredictable. Love this uncertainty. Allow itself to unfold in front of you. Just like the Manager reviews the work of his subordinate, decide how good the future has performed in front of you.
Bhakthi: See (like daylight) there is a Higher Power that is running the affairs of this creation. Let the Higher Power run and you relax. This attitude is called Bhakthi.
Relax and let the Higher Power run the show and I will accept as things come to me. In the meantime, I will discover the immutability of the Self. I will chant the name of the Lord with love (not mechanically). I will surrender my anxiety to the Higher Power. If my anxiety still bothers me, I will go and see a General Physician.
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