5 important things to consider before putting you child into a preschool

Preschools can be considered as elementary level of training institutes where kids learn to deal with basic aspects of life. As a parent, it’s always an overwhelming experience for you to select a preschool that provides the right program for your little one. We have best schools in Bangalore for each and every requirement. But how do you select the ideal one? Here, we will highlight five most important factors to consider before you make the final decision. Check them below.

1. Consider practical matters first!

When you consider an institute, always evaluate facts that are specific to your family needs. That include the location of the school, available transportation, proximity to your work place or home, cost and staff/child ratio. There are many good international institutes in Bangalore who charges high amount of fees in the name of providing the best facilities. But don’t always take decision by going through their brand values, do consider matters that are more practical to you.

2. Check the educational curriculum

Always check the educational curriculum a preschool offers. It’s important for a preschool to provide more self-learning oriented curriculum than drill and practice skills. Also, check the openness of the institute with parents. It’s always important that the school gives update on child’s development and daily routine.

3. Check experience and background of the staff

Never hesitate to inquire about the backgrounds of the staff. A good preschool teacher understands how a child develop. Along with regular academics, they should be certified with first-aid skills as well. A child cannot be treated as a teenager, and it’s an important factor for the teachers to learn. Since last year, we have come across cases where staffs of many good international schools in Bangalore are accused of sexually harassing children. This is a highly important fact to consider. Do a thorough research of the school before taking your final decision.

4. Are there options of active physical games to develop motor skills?

Preschools are not only about classrooms and text books. Physical activity is important for development of a child’s health and motor skills. It’s important that preschools provide fine motor activities, such as stringing beads and snipping paper strips etc. They should also provide outdoor game facilities since these games help develop a child’s mental growth.

5. Do they provide healthy meals and snacks?

Always inquire about the quality of meals and snacks. Check if the staff is teaching table manners, hygiene manners and if they are providing nutritious healthy meal options. An unhealthy meal leads to a lot of health problems, and it’s important for your child to consume healthy meals for a healthy growth.

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