8 best tips to prepare for ICSE class 10 examination

Practice, Practice and Practice. You must have heard this word from your Teacher, your Guide, your Mom, Dad, Aunt in a Party and where not. But did anyone really tell you WHAT to practice and how to do that for the preparations of your ICSE Board examinations? Well, for most of you, NO!

A huge section of students appear in the ICSE Board examination every year. It is considered as the toughest exam faced by the students at class 10 in India because the way the questions are being put to the students are totally different from any other board in India. Although with special care and attention and adapting themselves to the special methods to prepare for the ICSE Class 10 examination, it becomes easy for them to score excellent marks and come out with flying colours.

Given below are few points which every Class 10 ICSE Board exam candidates should take care of:

1) It is very important for the student to be attentive to the teacher in the classroom. Therefore, those running notes while the teacher is explaining the lesson can work wonders for you to score good marks in the subject. Clearing off the doubts from the teacher then and there in the classroom is also an important aspect the student has to follow if they want to excel in their ICSE Board Class 10 examination from any best ICSE schools in Bangalore.

2) The daily studies should be done on a daily basis and a thorough reading of the topic with good understanding is very essential to learn and perfect themselves in the subject. Delaying the studies and keeping it for the last moment can never bring success in the ICSE Class 10 board exams.

3) You should work and score good marks in the small unit exams of every subject that is conducted by the ICSE schools. Therefore this helps you to prepare well for the final exam and scoring well in the small units also indicates that you have understood the topics well. It also becomes a self evaluation test for you and if you are not able to do well in these small units then you get a chance to get yourself corrected and also rectify the mistakes that you are doing with the help of the concerned teachers. Additional time should be devoted to a particular subject if you find it tough.

4) A good overall understanding about a particular subject as well as the basic concepts of the topics is very essential for the students because almost the whole question paper is set on these lines. Hence, the running notes during the class and the key points that are given at the end of every topic in the text book help a lot to answer every question brilliantly.

5) The question paper of top international schools in Bangalore may sometimes comprise of essay type questions covering the entire topic which were short questions in the previous year’s question papers. Therefore, one has to be thorough with the whole topic rather than studying just a few parts of it. You should aim to attempt the entire question paper to get full marks.

6) Setting a proper study program routine for all the subjects which end well before 30 days of the final examination is always very beneficial. The study programme should be prepared in such a way that every subject is touched every week. Devoting more time to the subjects that you find tough doesn’t mean that the easy ones are completely ignored.

7) It is always good to have those brief notes and important points handy about a particular subject. This way it becomes easy for you to learn and remember a topic easily and also proves a great help during the time of revision.

8) Other than the preparation, the students should also know about how well he/she presents the answer script. The final result of the student depends not only on how well he or she prepares but also how well the presentation is. Neatly written to the point questions with correct key words will help you to score maximum marks. The well presentation of the answer scripts can be practiced while solving the previous year’s question papers.


As being said that ‘There are no short cuts to success’. It applies to each and every student while preparing for the Class 10 ICSE Board exam. One has to put in a lot of hard work to perform well in these exams.

ICSE Examinations are conducted by the CISCE Council, New Delhi and is centralized for all the ICSE Schools across India and few countries Abroad. The syllabus it asks the students to follow is very well defined, clear and semantic. All you need to score well in the final examinations is a systematic approach to your preparations. There is no rocket science here. It is all about enjoying your preparations, not sacrificing TV, Computer Games, WhatsApp etc.

All the best! :)

The article is submitted by Greenwood High International School, best IB school and one of the top international schools in Bangalore.

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